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The World Is Too Much with Me

on June 14, 2014

Today just fell apart, the way days sometimes do—-so, here I am, faced with the art of salvaging what’s left of it…for the best.  Beginning with a half-split of champagne in a lovely stemmed glass of my grandmother’s, etched with flowers.  The bubbles really do help….charming in and of themselves, they burst with glory and fun in every sip.  Ahhhh…better already!

Today was to be the first day of the rest of my life retired…a life free from the tawdry pace of the rat-race world. And i was going to build the creek path out to the river, rearranging all the huge boulders that fell off the mountain in the terrifying flood and landslide of last August.  Had a good guy helping me….except he was a no-show.  Hence the champagne.  I needed to turn my mind from anger to something positive.  Whenever I need to do that, I retreat to Abbey, my Book Barn, sit in my corner easy chair and pull a book from the library shelves and read something unplanned…..always straightens out my day.

SAM_0107 SAM_0110

And suddenly, at 2:30, my friend appears…and a magical creation is taking place beside the river!  What yesterday looked like a moonscape from the landslide is transforming into a rock patio leading out to the swimming hole! We sent him home with supper for him and his wife about nightfall….grilled chicken and vegetables and still-warm shortbread.  And now, today, we’ve been out lifting, toting, and placing river rocks since 7AM this morning—in spite of the rain!

So….guess Life has tried to teach me yet another lesson.  (Which I seem to have to learn over and over and over again.)  Just embrace the unexpected.  I need to Vagabond more and Control less.  My first day of “retirement”…….think I’ll go jump in that swimming hole and think great thoughts!


3 responses to “The World Is Too Much with Me

  1. Fay says:

    Funny how those days just get away from us sometimes. You are not alone.

  2. Jean Ohmsen says:

    So glad you have a blog, looking forward to reading.

  3. Cynthia Byrd Gilliam says:

    Do you remember Ellen Zukumpft (Sp?) the English teacher at Dreher? She made us write an essay for every week day.

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