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The Day I’ve Been Waiting For!

on August 16, 2014


Saturday's Gatherings...

Saturday’s Gatherings…

Today is a RED LETTER DAY–August 16, 2014.  Saturday.  For in today’s mail appeared my final invoice—signed off upon—PLUS the final check for all my agonizing work was enclosed!  This is the day I’ve been living for, waiting for, praying for—–the day my engine’s been purring for, in steady holding pattern for, for four long years.

I’ve always marked milestones in my life—and I’ve had a few major milestones to mark in my sixty-odd years.  I look back over my favorite jewelry and find my citrine ring with the leopard-like spots, enameled on yellow gold,  a milestone for leaving one oppressive job.  A 3 foot tin elephant, painted rich Indian colors marks another, more mundane, milestone but one nonetheless.  A wooden flying angel painted by my dearest friend in the world, herself a Renaissance painter, wears the colors of the Sistine Chapel, marking yet another major turn in my life.  A hand-painted sign that reads:  Happiness Is Not a Destination—It Is a Way of Life, still another, sending me forward, armoured against the vicissitudes of the world.  My red sequined cat-eye glasses, tinted in lavender—yet another.  And handsome, six foot Byron—my Muse— who reminds me of all the writings I have within me, strikes a thoughtful quiet pose in my river bank of azaleas.  And there are more, many more, and one day I should tell the story of them all, though, truth be told, their stories will be found in the lifetime journals I’ve kept—for better or worse.

So today, when the mail came, I honestly was speechless!  (Imagine that…!)  The import of what that “processed invoice” and gleaming beautiful check held for me was infinite—-One of the hardest struggles of my life is now behind me.  My life opens up, yawns big before me.

But the task before me—the import—is formidable as well as freeing.  For it means I’m the captain of my ship now……I have no one else to blame or rant and rave over and about; no deadlines other than those self-imposed; no excuse for wandering idly through my wonderland of life other than that’s just how the spirit’s moving me today.  Another kind of burden indeed, but a burden whose weight is joyous, not heavy at all.

But it all came as such an unexpected surprise this morning—I was unprepared for celebration, for singing and whooping it up, dancing in the garden and generally carrying jubilance to its utmost extreme.  So my Good Man and I shared a Mimosa, clinked the glasses together (he as much relieved as I, probably saying “Thanks be to God!”)—– and then I came back alone to my garden spot by the window in Abbey my Book Barn, and sat down to mark yet another milestone in this life of mine.  But this time I’m marking it with words—–words weightier than gold in my heart and mind, weightier than gold… and heavy, yet buoyant with the promise of what lies ahead: Freedom. Jubilance. The Glory of Woman Unleashed……


3 responses to “The Day I’ve Been Waiting For!

  1. JEAN OHMSEN says:

    Well, I can tell you are happy indeed–life can be beautiful, just given the time. Hope your next years will be filled with much joy and happiness. You bring so much happiness to others, it’s time for you to receive all the happiness you have given to so many. Remember, 60’s are the best years. Love you, Jean


  2. Anna says:

    Yay! Enjoy the next phase!

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