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A Quiet Visit

on April 14, 2015


Last week I made one of my usual trips into town and as always I had to “bundle” my meetings, my errands, and all my stops in general.  But this time I had a long gap in the middle of the day with nowhere to go for lunch.  I didn’t want to schedule anything else—what I wanted was a quiet place to sit and eat my sandwich and read one of the books I’d tucked into my briefcase…just in case I had the luxury of a few minutes of quietude.  Last fall my favorite place to escape for quiet time closed down.  There I’d always  been able to find a quiet table in a quiet corner where the waitstaff knew me and knew not only what I wanted to eat, but they also knew I came to them for peace and quiet and they left me alone at a good sized table where I could spread out books and papers—and still have room for my luncheon.  But now—today—I had nowhere to go.  And there I was with an hour or so on my hands.  I didn’t want to go to any place bustling with people, noise, and activity.  I wanted a spot of my own—quiet, restful and peaceful.

And then the picture began to clear:  here it was, one of the first beautiful warm days of spring, with the trees beginning to bud and the azaleas promising their sizzling glory; daffodils up everywhere and the grass beginning to turn soft and green.  And I thought, I’ll go sit with my Mother and Father and have a nice little visit!  I was close to where they were waiting for me, so I turned into the parking lot, and checked to see if I still had my old piece of tapestry in the backseat.  Voila! I did!— so I tossed it over my arm, and, with my little leopard-print cooler holding sandwich and water, I walked up the steps and down the footpath and said hello to Mama and Daddy.  The sun was too hot to sit in the spot right beside them, where one day my husband and I will rest, but I found a nearby tree, just beginning to leaf out, which afforded enough shade for me to sit down, spread out my tapestry and books, and relax, enjoy my luncheon, and commune with the people I love most in this world……the two people who’ve given me everything I am….my heart, my brain, my yearnings…my beliefs, my hopes, my dreams…my courage, my strength, my weaknesses……..all that I am is a gift from them.  I now sat down with them and broke bread in their peaceful company……and every now and then I’d read aloud a favorite passage from Rupert Brooke or Dylan Thomas, two of the other poets in our company that day.  They remembered about Rupert Brooke, though not so much about Dylan Thomas, but that was okay too—–I read to us all while the birds sang springtime in the trees, and Mama and Daddy rested and dreamed peacefully beside me.

To live in hearts we leave behind

Is not to die……..



4 responses to “A Quiet Visit

  1. Who knows what happened to the tapestry photo—???click on the QUESTION MARK!

  2. JEAN OHMSEN says:

    Anne, That was beautiful. What a wonderful daughter you are to go and visit with your Mom and Dad. To have lunch and to talk to them. You are very special and I love you very much. Jean

  3. lacastaliaus says:

    I thought maybe I was only one who sat and had visits with my folks. Sweet memories. Thanks for sharing

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