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Maddening Technology!

on November 10, 2015

I’ve said it before and alas, I’ll say it again—I’m still tarrying in the 19th century!  As hard as I try, as often as I try, as intensely I try…I cannot break comfortably into the 21st (Hey, whatever happened to the 20th–???)!!  And that distressing fact became apparent again yesterday when I posted a new blog called “Midnight Serendipity.”  Somehow my “share” button got selfish or stubborn or recalcitrant or something.  And my post didn’t swish out to any mailboxes or Facebook accounts.


So my fabulous Bloggy Guru is going to try to help me get back on this ol’ technological rocking horse and get me up to speed again.  Hence this little diatribe……..


Thank you, Miz Guru Girl, Fay Choban!  You da BOMB!!


One response to “Maddening Technology!

  1. Jean Ohmsen says:

    Anne, I did get Midnight Serendipity. Also wrote a comment about it and you.

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