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Rainy Sunday Morning

on October 12, 2014



It’s been a while since I’ve jumped back into my blog, and I’m rusty! I woke to a sweet quiet rainy Sunday morning, still dark at 8:30 up here in the Dark Corner. Rustled myself and Miss Grace out for our morning walk…and found myself thinking. Thinking about writing. My book. My blog. My diary. And wondering just what Fury it is that pursues me.

Since last I wrote I’ve been getting my house and world in order. Satisfying in ways but oh so time consuming—my days have been eaten up with organizing and all the details that entails. But all these things have been on my bucket list of to-dos, and all the years spent working in the outside fray have kept me from putting the essentials of my life in order.

For I’m an orderly person to a fault I believe. I’ve never been able to WORK WORK if my world’s out of order. And up to this point I’ve skimped by on surface appearances, having to be content with whatever semblance of order I could manage in minutes and hours yanked from other responsibilities. Now, retired….Oh My God. Drawers have been cleaned out, and kitchen cabinets and my closet. And my garden has been weeded and bedded down for the winter. And all the treasures from my traveling days, and all the treasures from my family have been carefully listed and described….with their stories told, and provenance.

And the jewelry from my traveling years,too, all those funky pieces that told the stories of where I’d been over the last 50 years—-those, too, have been organized and packaged into a neat little suitcase. To give other people joy now. To be gifted to the universe again, to make memories for some other young and footloose world traveller…..

And now it’s time for the rubber to hit the road. To put my money where my mouth is. To shove aside the Fury of Tidiness to embrace the Fury of Creation.

Walking this morning, in the cool rainy mist, I walked with my new characters, with Clara and Edward, and this morning particularly, with Edward, and with Clara’s mother, and discovered Clara’s mother’s story, her background…though as yet I don’t know her name. Till this morning she was a shadow character who just inched her way forward in this early morning rainy walk. And talked to me about leaving Charleston for the mountain country…leaving the City of Tears, the City of Heartbreak. Which of course informs the whole world that Clara now finds herself in…..But see—I didn’t know any of that until this rainy Sunday morning walk…….

So I feel heartened. And I love being “Surprised by Joy” (to borrow from CS Lewis). The Fury of Creation has gentled down into my Spirit Guide, the Wandering Muse who told me (again) this morning, that she’s with me, beside me and all I need to do is to be quiet enough to listen to the voices inside my head waiting—-to come alive on the gleaming white page.


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