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Preparing for Springtime….

on January 16, 2015


Well, October has all of a sudden turned into January… did that happen? Oh, I remember: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s! and rain and frost and winds and winter fires and walks…and, oh yeah…the sweet winter blues. That cross between contentment and yearning….that place between loving the solitude of winter and longing for the tumultuous noises of springtime…..Welcome to my world!

And ever since the long-gone blue skies of October, we’ve been planning to tidy up the front “yard”—or rather, the front river creek which suffered a devastating (and horrifying!) 15-foot flash flood and landslide August a year ago. But things don’t happen quickly up here in the Dark Corner—rather, they happen on Mountain Time and Mountain Time happens to be whenever it suits the party in question to amble over and get ‘er done! And hooray for my (fidgety) patience, hooray for (my reluctant) learning how to go with the flow! For the day finally dawned (totally unexpectedly, but totally welcomed) yesterday morning for the work to begin. Hallelujah!

Swimming holes, rivulets, and river rills; nature-carved stone chairs and proud island rocks—it took a while and it took brawn, but the flood damage has been softened and become people-friendly once again. It’s still a mighty work in progress; we still need to find the perfect stepping stones for the refurbished river bank, and fill in here and there with whatever will thrive (and survive) and be beautiful in the eye of the beholder in what can be an unpredictable climate….but hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day—and neither was River Rill! Suffice it to say that today—on this beautiful SUNNY WARM winter’s day, I can dash down the steps and splash into the ice-cold water iffen I so wish to do. That, in itself is progress; that, in itself, is something to celebrate! Champagne on a river rock in a January river, anyone? Bring out the faded old Oriental rug and the vintage flutes—the water will do the chilling!


5 responses to “Preparing for Springtime….

  1. JEAN OHMSEN says:

    You really write so well–get busy on that novel. The pictures of the creek are lovely–lots of work has been done, thanks for sending. Oh yes, send me the picture of you in the mink hat. So glad you can wear it.

    • Jean, it’s a selfie but I’ll send it on…! 🙂
      Can’t wait to see what y’all have done!!
      Okay, Anna—you gotta come stay next time you come eastward…..been too dang long since we’ve had a conversation face to face, one on one, intermingled with lots of giggles about how outlandish the whole universe is!!

  2. Lyn Ohmsen Owen says:

    Ted and I are going to catch up with you on our NEW CREEK…..had landscapers out and still working and the transformation is unbelievable…it looks more like a roaring RIVER now…brush has been eliminated and the view from our sweet bridge warms my heart……it YELLS WELCOME to all that past that way !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…come see for yourself when you are approaching Flat Rock in the future….LOVE you SISTAH

  3. Lyn Ohmsen Owen says:

    I love to read anything you have to share !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Anna says:

    Champagne on a river rock sounds lovely to me at any time of year. Enjoy!

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