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Night Dark Poem

on November 2, 2015


Unravelled Scribbles

Another Sleepless Night.

Not that, these days, there are many—

But when they do come they surprise me

and I find myself unprepared.

And I like to feel prepared for life.

But last night I gave myself up

to the dark side of light,

and let the hours wander me where they would….

The creek roared her white-water tales

and misty apparitions

drifted through the soft lamplight

spilling over the water.

I let my pen sprawl

over the pages of my journal,

writing words that always startle

and amaze me

with their honesty.

I read Yeats and Jane Kenyon.

Read “Under Ben Bulben” thrice

dodging old memories between the lines,

while Jane’s homespun wisdom comforted me

like a time-worn quilt.

Not companion poets one would think,

but they both beckoned me to their pages.

I put up no resistance

and was the better for it.

It was a good night

strange and mystical,

alone with the rain,

the wild untamed water

my books

my dog

and unchained memories.


2 responses to “Night Dark Poem

  1. Sonja says:

    Wow. Last night was indeed “strange and mystical”! The veil is thin. And I love your poem. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Thank you, Sonja—–your words fuel my soul!

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