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Soggy New November

on November 2, 2015


Soggy, Dark, Wet, Dreary November….

Dear November,

Will you please go find the sun?!  I’m tired of the darkness.  Tired of the Time Change to Daylight Stealing Time.  Tired of towels at every door.  Tired of a smelly wet dawg—even after bathing her with Johnson’s Baby Shampoo!  Tired of umbrellas that don’t work, but that hide the fact until I’m struggling to open them, in a downpour, loaded down with a day’s “bundling” in my arms.  Tired of meetings in the rain.

I’m suffering from winter malaise early.  WAY too early, so it’s imperative (for my sanity and those with whom I live) that I begin to count my blessings instead of bitching and moaning about—of all things—the weather!  As if there were something I could DO about it!!  So why let it flatten my hair, downcast my spirits, ruin my shoes and mood?  Get UP!  GET OUT!  Annie needs to find a sweet place to park her mind…….

So, I’m counting my blessings.  Here I go:

l.  I really do love hearing the rain falling gently outside.

2.  I love hearing the music of the roaring river creek.

3.  I love the magic of darkness, of having breakfast by candlelight!

4.  I love the way Miss Grace and Mr. Darcy follow me around.

5.  I love doing my yoga by candlelight with the cats waiting patiently for their yoga brushing.

6.  I love sharing a cup of tea with my husband who’s been dutifully battling the mice who’re trying to nestle in with us…in the kitchen, pantry and wherever else they can scuttle in.

7.  I love having a gentle fire going all day and into the nighttime.

8.  I love staring out the big window, watching the water flow below me.

9.  I love the shimmering magic colors that are beginning to fade; the leaves that are swinging and swirling down from the trees.

10.  I love the aloneness of a dark rainy day–the feeling of being outside of Time…..

WELL, I feel better!  Thank you, sweet unpredictable November, for making me step outside myself and count my blessings…some of them at least.  Which is a very good start to November, I reckon, indeed.



3 responses to “Soggy New November

  1. JEAN OHMSEN says:

    How lovely to hear you talk about all of your blessings–that was very nice to read. No matter what is going on we still have so many blessings  in our life. Thanks for sharing. Love you, Jean

  2. Thank you, mama Jean! I count you—as well as your first born—at the pinnacle of my blessings! Can’t wait to celebrate a certain birthday on Wednesday!! I love you——

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