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Scents, Sense & Hammock Days of Summer

on May 13, 2016

IMG_1075Well, the “season” is over and summer’s upon me…..Strawberry Festival was a success and all the end-of-season book club luncheons were lovely and fun—and now are put to rest until the season resumes in October.  So the lazy, hazy days of summer loom before me——and WordSplash.  Even my dreams are helping me write!  Two scenes were colored by last night’s dreams and I pulled out my little writing pad with the lighted pen and wrote them down so’s not to forget….and did that feel good!!

And the other day, in a meeting, the facilitator asked the participants to introduce themselves and say what they were looking forward to this summer.  I heard myself saying, “Hammock Days are upon me beginning tomorrow.”  Do you know how delicious that sounded to me–then—and still?!  Because the next day actually found me IN the HAMMOCK and (oh, dare I admit this) with a junk book!!  Now, I believe in good junk books, but this was a step over the edge for me:  my first ever Nora Roberts romance!  It was just what the doctor ordered, too—predictable, facile, compelling enough to keep my frayed attention.  And good.  Perfect even for what my mind needed……So Nora, Miss Grace and I all lollygogged in the hammock, reading, drifting, pulling the ribbon chain to keep us swinging every now and then……

The next day I realized summer was even more upon me, for I found my Jean Nate bath splash….!  now that’s a TRUE sign of summer for me, and has been since my Media Arts days at USC—pre Ph.D. days—so a LONG LONG time ago.  My favorite scent of summer…..

And the next day found me furiously splashing words around in WordSplash, tackling one of the hardest sensory passages I know I’m going to have to write.  I just closed my eyes and plunged and my whole being drifted up into another powerful tragic dangerous world, but one that he’d survived…Edward, that is…..

And today?  Who knows?  Miss G and I walked in the park, admired the peonies in bloom and the morning glories climbing their trellis; foxgloves are velvety and dapper, awaiting a fox’s dainty little paw; hummingbirds are chittering madly at one another and Paul’s Himalayan Musk Rose is clambering higher and higher up the trees toward the sky.

And me—well, I reckon it’s another day of scents, sense, & hammock rocking for me.  And guess what?  Nora’s “bonus story” is called “Blithe Images”—makes sense to me!



One response to “Scents, Sense & Hammock Days of Summer

  1. Lyn Estes says:

    Thanks….enjoyed it!

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