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The Lost Days of Summer

on July 25, 2016

So—-where’d July go in such a hurry, pray tell?!  One day it was the 4th of July with Holly’s succulent smoked ribs and all the attendant RED, WHITE, and BLUE and then just as suddenly—-VAROOM! it’s the 25th and all I’ve got to show for it is a dozen (high calibre) junk books read…..abed with my dawg …and a total immersion into the life and work of Thomas Wolfe and Max Perkins….and a further immersion into the Charleston Literary Renaissance of the 1920’s and the poetry of Josephine Pinckney.  Not bad, I reckon, for a cranky ol’ lady laid up with a mean virus and an unholy allergic reaction to penicillin—-which is what happened to my month of July.

But—(sweet breath of summer air)—Miss Grace and I walked by the river this morning in the early morning light and I began to emerge from my funk.  Yet it had to be early and quick, that morning walk, for even the wild cats are seeking refuge from the heat in the soft leafy arbor of yellow jess and porcelain vine.

I’ve been tested and I’m not sure I’ve yet passed the test.  All I really want are the cool breezes of October and to know the snakes have travelled back to their dens and the bears to their lairs!  I want the bugs to be gone and the air around me to be soft and sweet, not heavy and suffocating.  If I were QUEEN OF THE WORLD summer would last the month of June and then would gently morph into the cool sweet days of autumn…but then—oh dear how soon I forget!  I’d miss our ripe heirloom tomato sandwiches (on white bread with Duke’s mayo) and the sweet sweet fresh corn and golden garden squash.  Oh, and the blueberries!  I’d miss the blueberries……Oh, and you know what ELSE I’d miss?  Yep—–those sweet summer juleps in a frosty silver tumbler with a long silver muddler and a sprig of fresh mint tickling my nose!  Okay, okay….maybe I’m fixing to pass the test after all!  Summer’s bounty is upon me and I’m loving and appreciating it all.  And am reminded again of Churchill’s words of wisdom:  Nothing worthwhile is easy.  Amen to that……….




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