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Ringing out the Old…..

on January 1, 2017


I’m getting used to wondering where all the time’s gone…staring in some amazement at the backward pages of my (19thc) printed-book calendar and realizing I’ve forgotten to keep up with all the days fleeing by.  But today—as this first new day of the New Year dawns, I’m trying to remember how to do all these 21st century things that constitute a blog!  Oh dear, oh well…..whatever.

WordSplash has been busy, though, of late—or at least her creative side has been caught up in a whirlwind of activity.  All new adventures for me.  New projects, new creations, and I’m still not sure what to make of them!

First crazy project was re-inventing my old wedding gown, a beauty that’s lain packed up & preserved in a box on my shelf for 47 years or more!  So, like I did with my old family linens that had been passed down, daughter to daughter, for four generations, I called upon my Needleworking Wizardress to refashion these old beloved memories…into new ones.  And my old wedding gown has now become the new curtains that gentle the afternoon sun in WordSplash.

The surprise I’ve discovered is the joy I’m having just gazing at the exquisite silk and lace as they dance in the filtered light.  Many memories are preserved in that fabric….beginning with the memory of Mother taking me shopping for the dress in 1968, for its first incarnation was as my Debutante dress.  Looking at gown after gown, trying on a few, turning in the mirror, asking her opinion, until FINALLY!  the right dress found me.  It was perfect and there’s happy photograph taken of us that magical night:  me, Mama, Daddy, and my escort (who was destined to watch that same gown—with me in it—walk slowly down that long red-carpeted aisle).  But of course by then the gown had had sleeves fashioned for it, as was the tradition:  Deb gown to Bridal gown….just add sleeves and veil.  The nine-foot train was already there……


 The original 1969 gown & train

My new wedding dress curtains


So, I reckon WordSplash is already calling my name in this New Year 2017….for there are many more memories and stories bundled up here in my studio in the woods.  I wonder what shapes those old friends will take, newly refashioned from both memory and living time ?  I can’t wait to walk over that little foot-bridge, and see what lies hidden in the folds of silken memory……….


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